Fall 2019 Active Status

Excerpts from the By-Laws


Any member who has been active for every semester since his initiation; and either has been active for more than six (6) semesters, including his pledge semester, or is graduating at the end of the year, is entitled to two (2) semesters of senior dues immediately preceding and during the semester in which the member graduates. Members paying senior dues have the same rights and responsibilities as all other active members. Senior dues shall be three-quarters (3/4) of the full dues rate established for each semester.


If for whatever reason an active member feels he cannot fulfill his financial obligations as an active member, he may apply to pay “roster dues” the semester immediately following the application period in which he has requested reduced dues. Roster dues shall only cover all insurance and roster expenses to GHQ and the University, which will be calculated by the treasurer and approved by the executive board. If a member has signed a year lease agreement to live at the Fraternity house, he is, with the approval of the Executive Committee, allowed two (2) semesters of roster dues so as to complete his lease agreement. Members may only be granted one (1) semester of roster dues during their tenure at college, and the application must be approved by majority vote of the executive board. Only ten percent (10%) of the Chapter’s total undergraduate membership may receive roster dues. Those members that receive approval for roster dues will not be allowed to attend any chapter social or select brotherhood events other than weekly chapter and executive meetings; and will not be allowed to hold an office for that semester. Members approved for roster dues will be expected to fulfill the same requirements as all other members of the fraternity including but not limited to meeting attendance and philanthropy requirements. They will retain the right to vote at chapter meetings during their rostered dues period; and may run for officer positions for the semester following their rostered dues semester.

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