Fall 2019 Recruitment has ended. You are encouraged to sign up below to rush Spring 2020.


On behalf of the men of Phi Delta Theta - Texas Beta, we would like to thank you for the curiosity and interest you have shown thus far by looking into our chapter. Ours is a longstanding brotherhood, the oldest at The University of Texas, which has been encouraging the best and brightest to come together, making lifetime commitments as Phis. We were founded on the three principles of friendship, sound learning and rectitude, all qualities you may be seeking in your next years here on campus.

Those looking to network with successful and charismatic alumni here in Texas and across the United States have found the right place by looking into Texas Beta. Aside from the many social and philanthropic events that we host locally, there are many opportunities to travel to our other chapters in Canada and the United States during the academic year.

Since its founding in 1883, Texas Beta has prided itself on the quality of its members, not quantity. Our chapter specifically targets high-performing leaders at The University of Texas with large development potential who would benefit the most from our new member program. The chapter also targets candidates with the potential to contribute to the chapter in one way or another. Those who would fall under these criteria are encouraged to sign up for rush.

If you are interested in rushing, we encourage you to sign up for rush below. We look forward to getting to know you and showing you the benefits that Texas Beta has to offer.

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