Any institutions’ alumni are key to its growth.
— Shiv Nadar

Phi Connect

A quick coffee chat can have a long-lasting impact

Are you a Phi? Reach out and meet with current active Texas Beta members! The best part? All events are reimbursed by the chapter!

From 2019 and onward, Texas Beta resolves to get in touch with its roots and build stronger alumni relationships. One of the key strengths of Greek life, more specifically at Phi Delta Theta, is the bond that Phis all across the world share. We hope to nurture that fraternal connection with all Phi Delta Theta alumni, not just those who graduated from Texas Beta.

We want to connect with each and every single brother who went through the process to become a Phi which is why we started Phi Connect, a new initiative to enhance and maintain relations between active members of Texas Beta and Phi Delta Theta alumni.

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