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Phi Delta Theta at The University of Texas at Austin (1952)

Phi Delta Theta at The University of Texas at Austin (1952)

The Texas Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta was founded at the University of Texas at Austin in 1883, the same year that the university opened its doors making it the first and oldest fraternity at the Forty Acres. Since our inception, over 2,000 men have gone to earn the title of “Phi” and forged eternal friendships and bonds. Texas Beta has made its mark on the University of Texas with buildings such as Patton Hall (RLP), formerly known as the Liberal Arts Building, being named in honor of a Robert L. Patton, a Phi who graduated in 1985.

At Texas Beta, we take great pride in our rich history and are dedicated to the ideals of brotherhood, leadership, and service. As individuals and as a chapter, we strive to model the Phi Delta Theta mission statement within our organization, on campus, and in the Austin community to always strive for greatness.


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In over 169 years of its existence, Phi Delta Theta has expanded to over 250 campuses and initiated more than 265,000 men.  Today, Phi Delta Theta currently has 187 chapters and colonies and approximately 178,000 living alumni and 100 alumni clubs in the United States and Canada. The Houston Alumni Club, which many of our Texas Beta alumni move on to, is now one of the most prestigious and exclusive Phi Delta Theta alumni clubs.

The Fraternity operates from the General Headquarters building on South Campus Avenue, across from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

The Three Cardinal Principles of Phi Delta Theta


We pride ourselves on initiating members from all paths of life into a common brotherhood. Unlikely friendships are built through our Phikeia process and the further bonding events hosted by the chapter. Members are guaranteed to come out of their college experience with something all too lacking these days: a Brotherhood for life.

Moral Rectitude

Phi Delta Theta holds all members accountable to their actions and their beliefs. It dictates all men of our fraternity to remain upstanding, moral individuals, pursuant of the betterment of themselves and the world around them. Members are vocal leaders in campus organizations and community service projects with a focus on making a mark wherever we go.

Sound Learning

We expect academic excellence from all of our members. We push members to dedicate themselves in maintaining their scholarly and professional achievement while also supporting those who struggle on their college paths. Texas Beta dedicates its officers to provide committees, campus involvement opportunities, one-on-one study planning, dues-incentives, networking events with alumni, and other programs to help Brothers achieve their collegiate goals.